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Kenya - joining the fight against terrorism

by Senior Airman Heather McMahan
Thunderbolt staff writer

Kenya military members have been at MacDill since May helping fight the war on terrorism. They are the third group to be stationed at coalition village since June 2002. Brig. Gen Nelson Njenga, Kenya Army, Col. W.M. Obvya, Kenya Navy and Lt. Col. IJ Gababo, Kenya Air Force, are serving a one-year tour of duty.

With more than 50 nations working together in one place, coalition village is a unique place.

"Serving at coalition village is a particularly special experience," said General Njenga. "It offers a very good opportunity to interact with many coalition members of varying backgrounds and nationalities. It is hard to replicate such an experience in other circumstances."

While Kenya is traditionally an agricultural country, tourism offers a suitable growth sector but terrorist's attacks are making that difficult.

"Terrorists are a major threat to the international community," said General Njenga. "Kenya's people have been killed in at least two attacks by terrorists. We have been provoked and rudely introduced into this war."

The Kenya military is doing what they can to help rid the world of terrorists.

"We regularly exchange intelligence with coalition forces," said Colonel Gababo. "We are working close with other intelligence agencies."

"Our government has said it will do all it can to defeat terrorists," said Colonel Obvya. "New laws are being processed to help tackle the problem of terrorism."

The difficult part of getting rid of terrorists in Kenya is trying not to offend citizens in the process.

"It is a challenge to deter terrorism within a society without antagonizing sections of the society ," said General Njenga. "War on terrorism in Kenya is fought with this in mind. The success of this approach remains the greatest challenge in the fight against terrorism in that part of the world."

Kenya continues to help the United States and more than 50 other nations fight the war on terrorism, all located at OEF's Coalition Village.





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