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Closely guarded

by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrance
Chief of Internal Information

The Stanley Cup, the National Hockey League championship trophy, stands proud under the resolute watch here at MacDill Wednesday. With the Tampa Bay Lightning in the finals for the first time in franchise history, the contagious energy in the Tampa area has spread to MacDill. Game three against the Calgary Flames will be in Canada and is Saturday night at 8 p.m.

The Stanley Cup...
* Is 111 years old
* Travels 250-300 days per year and has logged more than 500,000 miles in travel including trips to Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Austria, Germany, Alaska and the Bahamas
* Has raised more than $6.2 million for charity
* Was crafted in Sheffield, England, in 1892 and first presented in 1893
* Is made of sliver and nickel alloy
* Weighs 35 pounds and stands at three feet tall
* Is so revered by National Hockey League players that those who have not yet won it refuse to touch it, go near it, or take a picture with it
* Is the only trophy in professional sports that has 24-hour supervision and is accompanied by a full-time bodyguard, known as the Keeper of the Cup
* Is the only trophy in professional sports that has the names of winning players, coaches, management and club staff engraved on the silver chalice
* Has been won a record 24 times by the Montreal Canadians and a record 11 times by Henri Richard of Montreal
* Is the only trophy in all of sports that is passed along from player to player the summer their team wins it
* There is only one Stanley Cup -- authenticated by the seal of the Hockey Hall of Fame in the bottom of the Cup




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