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MacDill prepares for annual ECAMP evaluation

by William Herr
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

MacDill's annual Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program evaluation is scheduled for May 5 to 9. ECAMP is one of the programs used by the Air Force to assess compliance with environmental regulations at Air Force installations. During the ECAMP assessment, a team of evaluators will conduct facility visits that include interviews with facility managers, record reviews, and site surveys. The internal team consists of members of the environmental flight and volunteers from several base squadrons and tenant organizations.

ECAMP is different from inspections by regulatory agency (i.e., Florida Department of Environmental Protection), which can result in enforcement actions or penalties if violations are found. The findings are for internal use only. They are used to identify the root cause and implement changes to correct potential compliance problems. ECAMP findings also are used to identify positive environmental management practices and establish financial programs for required environmental activities.

The findings are compiled in a summary report prepared for the wing commander after the assessment is complete. Some of the findings can be addressed on the spot (such as a mislabeled drum) while others may require additional time (i.e., personnel training) or funding. Findings also are provided to appropriate squadron commanders for review and action.

Environmental stewardship is a key component of the Air Force mission. Stewardship means protecting our natural resources through compliance with environmental regulations.

From the proper disposal of used and unused chemicals, recycling of used or discarded materials, to recording the quantity of paint used for air source emission inventories, environmental regulations affect each of us at MacDill. Because the quality of our air, groundwater and surface water rely on our ability to comply with environmental regulations, every individual must assure compliance to protect both our mission and natural resources.




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