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Making a difference: CFC closes open season with prizes on the horizon

by Staff Sgt. Randy Redman
Thunderbolt editor

The MacDill Combined Federal Campaign open season wraps up at the close of business today, and since this year's Suncoast area campaign kickoff seven weeks ago, the 6th Air Mobility Wing has raised more than $77,000. That exceeded this year's goal by more than $2,000.

The CFC is the only authorized, annual fund-raising drive conducted by federal employees, and consists of 1,400 charities both local and national, many of which help military members and families on a daily basis.

"The CFC is essentially all about helping people," said Capt. David E. Brown, wing project officer. "One of the highlights about giving is that people aren't just donating to the CFC, the money goes to any charity the giver chooses."

Captain Brown said people can continue to contribute to the campaign until December.

"The only difference is that during the CFC no other fund raising can be done," said Captain Brown. "Now people can contribute to other charities as well." He wanted to emphasize that not everyone has to go out of their way to make a huge donation.

"If each person would put in $5 a month - that's only $2.50 a paycheck - we would almost triple our goal," said Captain Brown. "All the way down to the lowest airman can afford $2."

Another way to contribute to the campaign was announced this week in the form of a long-awaited prize program.

Captain Brown announced the prizes, which will be given away in a random drawing Dec. 15. Tickets sell for $1 each or six for $5 and can be purchased from unit representatives.

Prizes include two signed NFL Buccaneer footballs, one autographed photo of Michael Jordan, framed with a piece of original wood floor, which was signed by Jordan, and Buccaneer bobble heads signed by John Lynch, Martin Gramatica, Joe Jurevicious, Keyshawn Johnson. There are also tickets to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Lowery Park Zoo, Channelside IMAX Movie Theater and several other prizes, which will be announced closer to the drawing.

Petty Officer William Love, unit representative for Special Operations Command, said SOCOM was close to its goal and he expected sales of tickets for the drawing to put it over the top.

Jim Chaplin, Suncoast CFC chairman for 2003, said this year's theme was "What Makes America Great."

"I want all federal and postal employees along with military personnel within our seven county SCFC area to know that they are 'What Makes America Great'," he said. "There is a tremendous amount of success in making America great by all the federal, military and postal employees on a daily basis.

Last year, the SCFC raised $1,007,589, which was donated to charities such as the American Red Cross, Children's Charities of America, Educate America, the Local United Way, and military, veteran's and public service organizations.




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