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Holocaust yields critical lessons of human behavior

by Tech. Sgt. Robert L. Young

The Holocaust represents one of the most extensively documented events in history. It refers to the systematic annihilation of six million Jewish people by the Nazi regime and their collaborators, as a central act of state. The Holocaust Days of Remembrance, April 27 thru May 4, promotes the education of this event to create awareness of the implications of the Holocaust on our daily lives. The Holocaust addresses what it means to be a responsible citizen and the extreme devastation that can spring from prejudice. It reminds us of the danger of remaining silent, apathetic and indifferent to the suffering of others or the infringement of civil rights. The Holocaust was not an accident in history.

The Holocaust occurred because nations, groups and individuals chose to act, or not to act, in ways that legalized discrimination, allowed prejudice, hatred and ultimately, mass murder.

The Holocaust stands as a reminder to American citizens democratic institutions and values are not automatically sustained, but need to be appreciated and protected. The Holocaust is an example of how a modern nation can use technological expertise and government infrastructure to implement policies ranging from social engineering to genocide.

The Holocaust Days of Remembrance promotes the education and awareness of an incredibly destructive and horrifying event in history.

Yet it yields critical lessons in the investigation of human behavior and provides many insights into how we should be conducting our daily lives, both professionally and personally.

This is a time for us to reflect on this segment of history and to apply lessons of the past to our present and our future.

By examining this history, we learn that only by remaining steadfast in our posture against discrimination and racism can we remain united with "Mission First, People Always, and America Forever."




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