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Former fighter's fingers fly over frets Surly Bonds band reunites for AirFest 2004

by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrance
Chief of Internal Information

MacDill music fans who have been around long enough to remember the band Surly Bonds, will be glad to hear the quintet has reunited after five years and will play at AirFest 2004.

Named after the first line in Gillespie Magee's High Flight poem, Surly Bonds formed here in 1992 and performed Friday nights at the Officer's Club and during MacDill AirFest 1993 and 1994.

"After some time apart we got back together in 2003 because we knew that AirFest 2004 was around the corner," said Dick Cutshall, 18th Air Support Operations Group operations officer.

In true aviation tradition, each member has a radio call sign.

The band, which plays classical rock, includes Dick "Air Boss" Cutshall, lead guitar, Ralph "Robo" Brown, bass guitar, Dave "K-9" Karcezwski, keyboard, Joe "Sgt. Rock" Raymond, drums, and Randy "Big Red" Rosier, rhythm guitar and vocals.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Karcezwski are both retired F-16 Falcon pilots that now fly commercial airliners. Mr. Cutshall has a private pilot license and works at MacDill and Avon Park. Mr. Rosier is a CAD designer with JDS Uniphase and Mr. Raymond is a personal trainer at Special Focus Fitness.

The band members felt strongly about reuniting before AirFest 2004 so they could give their first performance as a reunited band to coworkers, friends and community members.

Surly Bonds will perform tonight, Friday, at the Officer's Club all-ranks, kick-off party at 8:30 p.m. for all base personnel and AirFest crew members. The band also will perform Saturday at the Officer's Club for an invitation-only function. "We have all worked or flown out of MacDill and Tampa Bay," said Mr. Cutshall. "We really love to perform old rock 'n' roll. It is our gift to MacDill and the community."




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