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Congratulations to the newest senior master sergeant selects! prevention

Francis J. Benkoskim, 6th Aeromedical Squadron
Darrin A. Boone, 6th Maintenance Squadron
Alice A. Duncan, 6th Medical Operations Squadron
Dawn M. Fruits**, 6th Medical Operations Squadron
Tilmon L. Hodges Jr., 6th Communication Squadron
Bruce E. Napier, 6th Mission Support Squadron
Paul M. St. Jean **, 6th Air Mobility Wing
Brian Stombaugh , 6th Communications Squadron
Michael W. Thompson, 6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mission Partners

Antoine J. Garand, US Special Operations Command
Robert D. Martinez, US Special Operations Command
Dennis E Matthews, US Central Command
Michael D. Maynard, US Central Command
Edwin Ortiz, US Central Command
Carlos A. U. Sanabria AMC Air Operations Squadron
Bruce A. Stanton, US Central Command
Moses D. Sutton, US Central Command
Rodney F. Welch**, Egypt (AOR)
Anthony L. Woods, US Special Operations Command
John S. Zimmermann**, US Central Command

**Indicates inbound personnel.



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