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Expanding the coalition, three at a time

by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrance
Chief of Internal Information
photo by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrance
Spanish Navy Lt. Cmdr. Augusto "Tito" Vila and his wife Pilar hold their three "bundles of joy"

Six hundred diapers a month, seven cans of powdered milk mixture a week and very little sleep are just some of the changes that take place when triplets are born.

Spanish Navy Lt. Cmdr. Augusto "Tito" Vila, U.S. Central Command Combined Planning Group, and his wife Pilar added three little bundles of joy to their life Jan. 10 when their triplets were born.

Eduardo weighed in at three pounds and 11 ounces, Pilar, three pounds and nine ounces, and Iciar, three pounds and eight ounces. All three were born within two minutes of each other at Tampa General Hospital.

The Spanish couple has been married for five years and said they have always wanted children. Mrs. Vila's family is blessed with many sets of twins, so twins wouldn't have come as a surprise. However, the couple was quite shocked when they went in for a sonogram at the three and a half month mark where the doctor found a total of three.

"I was very happy when we found out," said Mrs. Vila. "My husband panicked for a couple days and then got used to the idea."

"Everything has changed since then," said Mrs. Vila. "I go through 30 diapers a day. In fact, yesterday I was at Wal-Mart and I bought 300 diapers and was happy because that would get me through almost two weeks."

Changing hundreds of diapers isn't the only challenge the Vila's face.

When it comes to the test of telling the three apart, Mrs. Vila has it down to a science. She said the boy is easy but the two girls are identical twins. However, one is nine ounces bigger and her ear curves out slightly more than her sister's ear.

Commander Vila still struggles to figure out which daughter is which but is sure it will come in time.

Although the Vila's family lives in Spain, the couple said they have an extended family here. Commander Vila came to the U.S. with his wife Oct.15, 2002, to spend three months working in the Spanish trailer at CENTCOM's Coalition Village.

After the three months passed, he took a new job at CENTCOM headquarters.

"The people that I work with and the Spanish trailer in Coalition Village are here for us," said Commander Vila. "We have also been lucky to have my wife's family in town to help with the babies and my family is arriving soon."

Mrs. Vila's father planned to stay in the U.S. from Jan. 1 through Jan. 10 as doctors had predicted the triplets would be born during the time frame, said Mrs. Vila. By

Jan. 9, the family was getting nervous because her father was leaving the next day and Mrs. Vila still had not gone into labor. Luckily, her father was at the hospital to see the birth of the triplets at noon and was on his plane back to Spain by 5 p.m.

Since the babies have been born, the Vilas escaped their home once to see a movie when Mrs.Vila's mother and sister babysat. They also got the triplets to their baptismal Feb. 14 where Bill Yarawsky, Catholic deacon, baptized them at the base chapel.

The Vilas would like to thank the staff at Tampa General Hospital for the support that they received. They said the staff was fantastic and gets a 10 out of 10 from them.




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