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Lots of changes at the Skill Development Center

by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt staff writer

New faces, job shifting, an overhaul of the building layout and key retirements will add up to a whole new look around the Skills Development Center.

Restructuring of civilian jobs mean John Fuleky, who has headed the skills center, moved to work in logistics in the Community Support Flight Oct. 1, while Tammy Zell, head of marketing for the Flight, took over for Fuleky.

Zell said she looks forward to the new job and continuing the "terrific customer service" Skills Development for which Skills Development has been known.

"We will be focusing on helping people learn the various skills offered now and are looking forward to providing new and innovative classes," Zell said.

Meanwhile, other changes include shop heads Mose Mouton, who managed the Wood Shop and Raymond Dempsey, head of the Auto Hobby Shop, retiring. Mouton and Dempsey received a retirement party last week, complete with cake and a gold watch each. Dempsey will continue to head the auto shop as a Non Appropriated Funds employee and continue to head the shop while Mouton will be leaving but says he plans to be around the shop working on projects of his own.

Linda Allen, who manages the frame shop at the center, said everyone hates to see them go but she and others are looking ahead optimistically.

"It will be good to have new blood and new ideas," she said.

Allen also looks forward to changes in the center building. Crafts supplies and the isles of displays are on their way out to make room for an expansion of the frame shop, which will about double its current size. The changes are just good business, she said.

While the craft supplies are slow sellers, the frame shop is productive and profitable, Allen said.

The center engraving shop will move next to the frame shop and the area it occupied will be used for craft classes and other programs.

The photo studio will continue to operate as usual. Photographer Jenny Rosario notes Halloween theme photos for kids began Oct. 1. This year a coffin will be in the studio and kids can have their pictures done posing as Count Dracula or other fictional creature of the night. They are encouraged to come in wearing costumes but a limited number of costumes will be on hand for those without.

For those who have not visited the wood shop since it reopened after a shutdown last month for reorganizing, there is a lot more room. All wood scrap and projects that used to occupy the floor space have been taken away and the shop now has a wide open look and a lot more room for those working on projects.




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