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Air Force officials announce staff sergeant promotions

The Air Force has selected 13,651 of 27,416 eligible senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant, a 49.79-percent selection rate.

"Promotions are always a great thing our number of promotees exceeded the Air Force standard by five percentage points and that is huge," said Chief Master Sgt. Lew Monroe, 6th Air Mobility Wing command chief. "I truly believe the professional environment the commander provides in for those testing in the WAPS testing facility has something to do with the favorable numbers, but more importantly is the leadership provided by our squadron commanders and the senior enlisted leaders in the units. These young professionals have prepared themselves and ready to be frontline leaders in the world-class wing."

People who tested are expected to receive their score notices by the end of August, officials said. Score notices allow airmen to see how their Promotion Fitness Examination and Specialty Knowledge Test scores rank against those they are directly competing with for promotion within their Air Force specialty code. Individuals can also get an electronic copy of their score notice, available after 7 p.m. CDT today by clicking on 'vMPF' at http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil.

The average score for those selected was 265 points, with the following averages:
4 130.81 points for enlisted performance reports.

4 53.29 for Promotion Fitness Exam.
4 53.54 for Specialty Knowledge Test.
4 15.52 for time in grade.
4 10.60 for time in service.
4 0.62 for decorations.
The average selectee has 1.62 years time in grade and 4.25 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to staff sergeant from September to August 2004.
MacDill staff sergeant promotees:

6th Maintenance Group
Yvonnia Bradford
Tiffany Coyle
Kelly Davis
Sharon Ecklund
Duane Gandy
Crystel Gromm
Leslie Howard
Juan Lopez
Timothy McClendon
Scott Miller
Jeromy Millsap
Kaleb Morrel
Eric Mutschlechner
Jarrety Oliver
Jerry Oliver Jr.
Jerry Price Jr.
David Schrey
Richard Scott Jr.
Patrick Smith Jr.
Levon Smith Jr.
Jason Staggs
David Walker
Michelle Walker

6th Medical Group
Dawvel Brooks
Belinda Bunting
Seneare Castillo
Sofia Correl
Teresa Deboe
Suani Gandy
Amanda Geisert
Kimberly Greene
Bernessia Henry
Jonathan Jiloca
Gregory Lehmann
David Moore
Shani Motley
Bryan Olano
Brianne Quirion
Ukeia Rachel
Jarae Raynor
Suellen Rodriguez
Joseph Simon Jr.
Kimberli Stone
Monisha Sweatt
Stacey Valle
Amy Watkins

6th Mission Support Group
Marvin Ashby
Nicholas Beasley
Channon Berger
Jerrod Bradford
Jacqueline Casey
Lisa Chatman
Javier Colon
Nathan Coogan
Christopher Corrado
Jeremy Currie
Kahlil Davis
John Del Valle
David Deppen
Roberto Duran
Jose Figueroa
Jeremy Fox
Matthew Francis
Brandon Fusco
Timothy Gagne
Rodrick Greene
Jared Gusler
Catherine Hardesty
Darrell Hardin
Christopher Heaney
Joshua Henke
Joselito Hilliard
Tina Howe
Ryan James
Laura Johnson
Kristin Lafine
Claudia Leggette-Counts
Edgaras Markevicius
Michael Maybin Jr.
Laura Mercer
Ryan Miller
Saunoa Moe II
Dawn Morales
Wyndel Morman
Carrie Muir
Valerie Newell
Joshua Osborn
Thomas Perkins
Jose Plasencia
Ronald Powers Jr.
David Rapoza
Eddie Ray Jr.
Jesse Regan
Jill Renshaw
Jennifer Riley
David Sandoval
Andre Simpson
Gabriel Smith
Donnele Starks
Eugenio Talamantes
Miguel Talamantes
Felix Tamez Jr.
Sean Terry
Alvarez Velez
Jason Weiszhaar
Bryant Williams
Edmond Wilson
Tamekia Woods
Tyrone Yeargin

6th Operations Group
Hodges Clark
Natasha Grzesick
Marcus Guidry
Jondria McFadden
Jaimie Miller

U.S. Central Command
Joseph Busterna
Keorka Coleman
Timothy Presley
Moniq Rocchild-Wade
Paul Wasneski

U.S. Special
Operations Command
Ignatius McAdams
Angela Rohrer
Ricky Longs

Saudi Arabia
James Anderson

882nd Training Group
John Berry Jr.

Joint Communications
Support Element
Brian Martz

614th Space
Operations Squadron
Amber Duncan




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