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Volunteer to make a difference in your community

Story by Fran Dozier
MacDill Volunteer Coordinator

When you arrive at MacDill, you will no doubt be interested in finding out about the community and forming new friendships. Consider volunteering. Volunteering provides a way to meet new people while becoming familiar with our community needs and activities.

Perhaps you have been considering the idea of exploring another career field. Volunteer! Arrival at a new base will give you an excellent opportunity to give a few hours each week or month to determine if you have, or could, build the skills to excel in your dream career. The change of pace may do you good.

You may have the education and training, but no hands-on experience. You may be concerned employers may consider this lack of practical experience a disqualifier.

Many employers, including the Federal Government, consider volunteer time as qualifying experience in many instances. You could help the community while helping yourself.

You may decide against seeking full-time employment at this time, but have a fear of getting "rusty" if skills are not maintained. Again, volunteering is the ticket. The right placement will allow you to maintain those skills and make other contacts that may prove useful in the future.

Lastly, volunteering can be just plain fun. Having a good time doing something you love and contributing to your community are valid, uncomplicated ways to share your time and talents.

Securing a volunteer position is easy once you determine the type of environment that will satisfy your needs. There is no lack of requests for volunteer assistance.

We have several new and exciting volunteer jobs offering a "free" education in some basics and some complicated computer and software functions, hands-on experience that can he used as an employment reference for the future. Do yourself and your community a favor and volunteer.





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