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PECI offers investments for improvements

by William Pourciau
6th AMW Manpower and Organization

Did you ever hear the phrase "it takes money to make money?" The Air Force has heard it and has the PECI Program to prove it. The long title is "the Air Force Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment Program," but PECI is easier. In fact, the whole concept is easy. PECI can provide upfront money to invest in computers, modern facilities and better equipment for almost any improvement that reaps a return on the investment.

The amount of money determines which of the two PECI programs is usedů Productivity Investment Fund for purchases over $200,000 and the Fast Payback Capital Investment for purchases under $200,000. An approved PECI project has to pay back the investment with manpower or operations and support costs savings in a set amount of time-PIF in four years and FASCAP in two years.

Sound too good to be true? Well, new equipment or facilities just scratch the surface of the benefits of PECI. If the project saves more than the money invested, the unit keeps the extra dollars. The people that come up with the ideas for approved projects are eligible for SECDEF, Air Force, major command and local awards. Best of all, individuals who originate projects can take credit through the IDEA Program to get cash incentives.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. What do you have to gain? Unit recognition, awards and cash incentives. There is $800,000 immediately available for funding of your approved projects. This money is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis so don't delay, submit your projects today.

Got an idea for a PECI project? Contact your local PECI analyst in the wing Manpower and Organization Office at 828-2665 or e-mail william.pourciau@macdill.af.mil.




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