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Playground safety major concern to MFH residents

by Rose Beale
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

Playground safety is a major concern of parents with children. Military Family Housing has heard your concerns and is proactively pursuing corrective actions to address safety concerns and to circumvent future problems. We want our residents to participate by actively supervising their children when using the playgrounds. No sign or any amount of safety equipment can be more safety proactive then a parent with a watchful eye.

Never hesitate to report damaged playground equipment to MFH. Vandalism is occurring at an alarming rate in our MFH community. It has taken a huge toll on our playground equipment forcing removal of some items. Take an active part to protect the playgrounds in your community by taking the time to stop the children who are vandalizing the playground equipment, contacting their parents or contacting security police with a description of the children. It's your community so take pride and protect it.

Repairs were recently accomplished on all of the playgrounds. The repairs included refurbishing of playground equipment, repairing rubberized matting and mulching. If you have concerns about safety in MFH, do not hesitate to contact the housing office at 828-3455. Your concerns are our concerns.




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