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We are all recruiters

by Lt. Col. Jim Dice
6th OSS commander

I along with the other squadron commanders and first sergeants, recently had the opportunity to hear the Air Education and Training Command special duty briefing focusing on recruiter duty.

In the brief, I learned the Air Force met its recruiting goal for the fourth consecutive year with 37,000 new recruits in fiscal year 2003. An increase in the number of recruiters contributed to the Air Force's success as did a greater emphasis and funding for advertising and the outstanding educational opportunities we offer. The Air Force learned that a key ingredient to attracting quality personnel for our Air Force's future is providing quality people to recruit them.

In the coming months, the 6th Operations Support Squadron will say good bye to one of our sharpest, most professional aviators, Tech. Sgt. Milo Gibson. Sgt. Gibson leaves our training flight to enter the recruiting career field with an eventual assignment to his hometown in Texas. I can't think of anyone who presents a more positive image of the Air Force than he does. I am confident he'll do us proud.

But recruiting doesn't end, nor does it have to begin, with our professional recruiters. We're all representatives of the Air Force and serve as examples to potential recruits. Both on and off duty, we should never pass up the occasion to present a professional image or to help promote Air Force opportunities.

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will take the time to travel back home to see family and friends. While you're back in your hometown you'll have an excellent opportunity to visit with potential recruits at the local schools or perhaps the younger brother or sister of your old high school friends. It's a great chance to present the Air Force image and core values to potential recruits. The message will mean more coming from one of their hometown friends.

Finally, if you're in the ranks of E-4 to E-7 with less than 17 years of service, you may want to consider volunteering for recruiter duty. It offers some valuable benefits to interested enlisted personnel such as the choice of location, special duty pay and additional uniform allowances. It's a three year controlled tour that can be one of the most rewarding jobs, but also one of the toughest and most demanding you'll face. Whether you're a badge-wearing recruiting professional or someone out there turning wrenches on airplanes, we're all recruiters for our Air Force. Let's not miss a chance to bring in quality people. It's part of training your replacement.




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