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Base theater to sound, look better

by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt staff writer

While the base theater is closed for renovations it means traveling a little farther to catch a movie, but when it reopens around Nov. 1 moviegoers will be treated to what should be better sound, fresh carpet to walk upon and a fresh coast of paint here and there.

"It's not everything we would like to do but little by little we will get there and eventually have a really nice theater for everyone," said Dave Tharp, chief of construction management on base.

Work began last week, with carpet being pulled out and old tile flooring being scraped up. New carpet will be installed and the floor under the theater seats will be repainted, along with select portions of the interior. Various other minor improvements will be made, including the replacement of old grillwork and other cosmetic upgrades. While no changes to the sound system electronics will be made at this time, new acoustical panels along the walls are expected to provide a noticeable improvement to the sound quality of movies, said Tharp.

Other improvements to the theater will come over time, he said, with the goal of modernizing the theater further.




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