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Air Force Birthday Dining Out tickets on sale

Tickets are on sale for MacDill's 2003 Air Force Birthday Dining Out Sept. 18.

This year's event features a social hour from 6 to 7 p.m. in the new Mission Planning Center where tours of the facility will be conducted by its staff. The dinner is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the Officer's Club Ballroom with entrée choices including steak and lobster or a vegetarian selection.

This year's theme is "Freedom's Heroes," and was selected to honor the role that America's Air Force plays as a global champion of freedom, according to Maj. David McKeown, planning committee chair.

To compliment the theme of heroes Chief Master Sergeant (retired) Wayne Fisk was chosen to be guest speaker for the event. He is a veteran pararescueman with 450 combat missions in Southeast Asia. He saved 14 lives and was awarded two silver stars for his heroic efforts.

"A dining out held for the express purpose of celebrating the Air Force birthday affords us these benefits plus the opportunity to properly reflect upon the historical contributions of our world-class Air Force - serving to remind us once again that 'no one comes close,'" said Major McKeown.

Ticket prices are, $30 for distinguished guests, $27 for club members and $30 for non-club members. 6th AMW personnel should contact their first sergeant for more information, and mission partners should contact organizational POCs.

The attire is mess dress for officers, mess dress or semi-formal for enlisted, and formal for civilians.

The following may be contacted for more information regarding the event: USCENTCOM, Master Sgt. Dennis Matthews, 827-5887 or Tech. Sgt. Eli Bosma, 827-5222; for USSOCOM, Capt. Simmond, 828-4604; for JCSE, Master Sgt. Terry Cook, 828-2009; for JCSS, Master Sgt. Denise Hicks, 828-0913; for 622nd AES, Lt. Col. Chris McKinnie, 828-2917.




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