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Denmark aids Afghan reconstruction effort

by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrancer
Chief, Internal Information
photo by 2nd Lt. Erin Dorrancer
Royal Danish Air Force Lt. Col. Kim Bech, Denmark deputy liaison chief officer.

Editor's note: Citizens from more than 80 countries died Sept. 11, 2001 - innocent men, women and children from across the globe. Within hours of the tragedy, coalitions involving many nations assembled to fight terrorists. Some nations helped openly; others prefer not to disclose their contributions. The United States began building the coalition on Sept. 12, 2001. The members of Coalition Village are working hard every day to defeat terrorism wherever it may exist.

The following interview was conducted with Royal Danish Air Force Brig. Gen. Per Ole Gjelten, U.S. Central Command Operation Enduring Freedom Danish chief liaison officer.

Q. How many people from Denmark are stationed at CENTCOM OEF Coalition Village?

A. We have five people from the Danish Army, Air Force and Navy.

Q. What has Denmark done to support Operation Enduring Freedom?

A. We have provided troops, air transport and movement. Stationed at Manas, Kyrgzstan, we have six F-16 Falcons, which have performed more than 2,000 operational hours. Currently, we have assembled a military observation team with the English in a small town in Afghanistan. This team is setting up the ground work for reconstruction. We also have 62 representatives at the International Security Assistance Force.

Q. How do you like MacDill?

A. Look out the window! Not only the weather is great, but the facilities are wonderful. It is great to be stationed here.

Q. How do you like Tampa Bay?

A. The people are very warm and welcoming. Nov. 23, the Bayshore Patriots threw a Thanksgiving feast for U.S. Central Command's coalition village. There were about 650 people in attendance and it is just great to see that type of support. I've never experienced support for the military as I have here in Tampa.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?

A. Many thanks to MacDill for hosting us and thanks to the Bayshore Patriots for all of their support.

Cutline info Picture3: Royal Danish Air Force Lt. Col. Kim Bech, Denmark deputy liaison chief officer.




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