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Schedule visits, track healthcare online with TRICARE

By Staff Sgt. Joe Ross
6th Medical Group

Are you tired of being placed on hold while trying to make an appointment? By using the internet to schedule a healthcare appointment at the 6th Medical Group you can save precious time versus using the telephone. Access is power. And now, more than 37,000 patients enrolled to the 6th Medical Group have the power of the Internet to better manage their healthcare.

TRICARE Online allows medical group TRICARE Prime and Plus enrolled patients access to their healthcare via any laptop or PC that is connected to the Internet. Once registered, scheduling routine and follow-up appointments with a Primary Care Manager will be only a mouse click away.

TRICARE Online also allows for accessing and viewing customized Web pages designed for every clinic within the Hospital. TRICARE Online will not work for members who are enrolled to the downtown/civilian Humana network, but is available for any patients enrolled to the MacDill Hospital or the MacDill Community Clinic-Brandon.

TRICARE Online users will have the ability to access more than 18 million pages of health and wellness information. Beneficiaries may create their own Personal Health Journal to store medical history, care instructions and prescriptions. The RxChecker enables patients to check medication for side effects and possible harmful interactions with other drugs.

Users can click on the "Be Well" link and read all the latest information and news needed for staying healthy. The "Get Answers" link will teach about symptoms, health conditions, treatment choices, and more. Hospital enrollees must formally register as a beneficiary and be assigned to a PCM at the TRICARE Service Center.

To register:

  1. Sign on to www.tricareonline.com.
  2. Once the website has loaded, on the left side of the page, click on "Site Registration," then "Patient Registration Only"
  3. Read the "Medical Disclaimer and Agreement." Once acceptance of terms and conditions are acknowledged, click on "I Agree" at bottom of page.
  4. The TRICARE Online Registration (Personal Information) page asks user to input data (name, Social Security number, etc). Click "Submit" to continue.
  5. The next screen will prompt users to choose a medical facility. Choose "USAF Hospital, MacDill AFB."
  6. At this point the user must create a user name and password. Please follow the criteria listed to successfully accomplish this. Choose five questions that TRICARE Online will ask if you have forgotten your password. Click "Submit" to complete registration. To make an appointment:
  7. The system will default to the 6th Medical Group home page. To make an appointment, click button that says, "Appointments" at top of page underneath the picture of the 6th Medical Group.
  8. You will be prompted to select the reason for your visit. There are four options (new problem/not urgent, new problem/urgent, follow-up PCM visit and first visit with PCM).
  9. Once you have selected a reason for your visit, click "View available appointments," and a chart displaying available appointments for your PCM will appear. Choose the time and date you would like. If there is no appointment in the time frame you need, you have the option to make an appointment with another provider by clicking on the button that says, "Look for additional providers in your clinic."
  10. Write down the time and date of your appointment.




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