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MacDill does it again Flight operations rated best in AMC

Story by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt staff writer

MacDill's Airfield Operations came out tops in Air Mobility Command inspections recently, meaning no base scored higher marks for flight aspects ranging from the airfield pavement all the way to the top of the air traffic control tower.

Lt. Chris Smith, Airfield Operations flight commander, said that, while much care was taken to prepare for the inspections, those honored by the award were nevertheless a bit taken by the results.

"We put a lot into it, from the youngest airman to the top lieutenants," said Smith, "but, when they came back with the results, we were pretty enthused."

Smith attributed the top rating to knowing the regulations inside and out and checking and double-checking to make sure all was in order.

"It was a total team effort and was about knowing the regulations and getting inside the books," said Smith. The inspections, conducted at least every 24 months, cover all aspects related to flight operations safety, including airfield maintenance, communications, landing systems and administration, said Master Sgt. Steven McCue, of Airfield Systems. A former inspection team member himself, McCue knows what goes into the process, which is carried out by Air Force Flight Standards Agency.

"We couldn't have wished for anything better," said McCue, who echoed Smith when he said "much work" went into preparation. McCue said the primary concern of the inspectors is safety but operating efficiency is considered, as well.

Lt. Col. James Dice, Operations Support commander, said, "It's a good feeling. It was an example of great teamwork.

It's something all have worked for, and it paid off in the end."

Airfield Operations joins MacDill's 6th Medical Group, which recently was rated tops in AMC after receiving some of the highest inspection scores in recent history.




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