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New training mandatory for everyone on the LAN

by Stephen Ballistrea
Wing Information Assurance Manager

We've all heard the old expression, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." In the case of the Air Mobility Command Enterprise Computer Network, we could say, "A network is only as strong as its weakest user." To help ensure the network has no "weak users," each user must be adequately trained.

The primary means for doing this is through the use of an established computer-based training briefing and test from an Air Force web site. The current CBT has been updated with the latest information each user must be aware of in order to protect not only their system but all systems connected to the network. Most users are aware of the requirement for completing the USAF CBT prior to being connected to the network. Now, this training is an annual requirement and is mandated in Joint Staff Directive "CJCSM 6510.01, Appendix B, Enclosure A, para 5."

A memo from Brig. Gen. (Sel.) Ronnie D. Hawkins', director of communications operations for the Defense Communications System, states, "The metrics we've collected thus far indicate about 30 percent of the network incidents in the past year resulted from poor practices that could have been avoided if our people were properly trained. The documented fiscal year 03 training statistics, reported for the Federal Information Security Management Act, were only 59 percent for Air Force members. We need to reverse these trends."

In order to accomplish that mission, AMC has mandated all personnel must be trained no later than Feb. 13, in order to remain "connected" to the network. All users without a valid training certificate on file with their work group manager will not be able to log onto the MacDill domain after Feb. 13. For further information, network users should contact their computer work group manager or the Wing Information Assurance Manager at 828-3169.




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