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They make history come alive

Story by Tech. Sgt. J.R. Foster
6th Air Mobility Wing historian

Desert Storm, Northern/Southern Watch, Support Hope, Allied Forge and Enduring Freedom -- do these names sound familiar? Most of you probably deployed in recent years to support these and other Air Force-related operations. Each one of them is considered a valuable stepping-stone in our Air Force history.

But for most of us, we wait until either the next issue of the Promotion Fitness Exam booklet is published to read about these events, or we sit back and let the local press tell us what we accomplished.

Well, it doesn't work that way. Every time there's a real-world situation whether it's a bombs-on-target operation in the Middle East or lending airlift support in the middle of Africa on a humanitarian mission or fighting the war on terrorism -- AF enlisted historians are there to cover these key events.

These same people are the ones who record your wing's history at home station. These are the men and women who produce documents that our senior leaders use to make future decisions.

Who are these enlisted troops who seem to always be where the action is, both at home and on distant lands? They are people just like any other enlisted member of today's Air Force -- maybe even just like you.

They are mostly senior airmen through technical sergeants who have been trained to collect key documentation, conduct field interviews and produce written accounts of their wing's contemporary history. Besides each wing's command chief, the wing historian is the only other enlisted member to serve as a staff agency chief on the wing commander's staff.

Obviously, it takes more than a slight interest in history to become an enlisted historian, although an interest in things past does help. Today's enlisted historian needs to be a self-motivated, highly energized individual who believes that he or she has the best job in the Air Force. People who just want a job to get off the flight line need not apply. Today's enlisted historian records today's history for tomorrow's leaders!

If these thoughts have perked your interest in joining a career field that is the "best-kept secret" in the Air Force, the timing couldn't be more perfect. With openings worldwide, now is the time to contact your local wing history office and get the process moving.

If you want to be where the action is -- where the real Air Force story unfolds both before your eyes and on your computer -- call the following number, and join a cadre of individuals who have a say in our Air Force's future. For more information, call 6th Air Mobility Wing historian Tech. Sgt. JR Foster at 828-5780.




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