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18 AF A war-fighting, war-fit family having fun

by 2nd Lt Erin Dorrance
Chief of Internal Information

In what seemed more like a homecoming, Lt Gen. William Welser, 18th Air Force commander, gave a commander's call Jan. 16 focused on the importance of family, staying fit and enjoying what you do.

General Welser, who is in charge of the 54,000 member 18th AF team, started his remarks by emphasizing the importance of every member of the base to the 18th Air Force family.

"You are part of one team, one 18th Air Force family," said General Welser. "Always remember that if you take care of the troops, they will take care of the mission!"

General Welser also discussed the new Air Force fitness program. "We all must be 'war-fit' if we are to be successful." He reflected on his fitness program and changes that allowed him to lose over 25 pounds.

General Welser also stressed the importance of having fun. He said that every job in the Air Force is important to our success as a team.

"We are all war-fighters," he said. "The 18th Air Force team must have a reputation as a war-fighting family that is 'war-fit' and having fun."

General Welser finished with a challenge he presented to the audience. He asked everyone to call someone they loved and to tell them what they did in the Air Force. "You are all special," he said. "Your families at home deserve to know what you do in the Air Force; don't be afraid to brag a little!"




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