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The true meaning of a world class Christmas at MacDill

by Senior Master Sgt. Jay Strong
6th Security Forces Squadron first sergeant

We have all heard the words "World Class" being used around the wing. At times it seems as if it is just another buzz word or that we hear it so much we really do not pay attention to what it really means.

According to Webster's Dictionary the meaning of World Class is: "Being of the highest caliber in the world." I am certain that each wing in the Air Force believes it is of the highest caliber and the best in the world; but on Dec. 25 I witnessed members of the 6th Security Forces Squadron being of the highest caliber in the world.

Not because it was Christmas and they stood protecting MacDill, working yet another Christmas while others were home with there families -- I would never say that, because that is what we do as cops, we stand post. What I witnessed reminded me of why I joined the Air Force.

I was out talking to some troops when I realized one of them was supposed to be on break. When I asked him about it he said, "Yes first sergeant it is my day off, but I am working today because Staff Sgt. X only gets his son every other Christmas and this Christmas he has his boy and I thought it would be nice for him to spend this whole day with his son." I asked when his next day off was and he said next Saturday. When I said that means you will have worked 12 days straight without a day off; his only response to me was "hooah". At that very moment, I knew that this young senior airman fit the bill of world class.

Later that day I met up with a staff sergeant assigned to the commander's staff. I asked what he was doing working the main gate and he said, "I came to guard mount this morning and relieved a young airman who has a family and one small child so he could be at home and enjoy Christmas."

I must tell you there has never been a prouder first sergeant in this Air Force than I as I stood beside this young man. People try to figure out what world class means and how it applies to them. I found out Dec. 25 the true meaning of world class. It is serving with the proud defenders of the 6th Security Forces Squadron each and every day! Each of you is of the highest caliber in the world and you are what make MacDill a world class organization. I am truly honored to work beside you and for you. You make world class a reality. The true meaning of world class is right here in this unit.




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