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Outstanding Rating - 6th AMW aces command logistics evaluation

by Tech. Sgt. Chris Miller
6th AMW Public Affairs

The 6th Air Mobility Wing became the first Air Mobility Command wing to receive an outstanding rating by the AMC Logistics Standardization Evaluation Team following its visit that concluded Monday. The team was here to assess the wing's compliance with Air Force and AMC policy and directives. "This was an absolutely awesome performance by the entire 6th AMW team, which was validated by the inspectors' unprecedented high ratings," said Col. Tanker Snyder, 6th AMW commander.

"What makes this performance even more amazing is the fact we have just completed a reorganization of the wing, in particular logistics functions in the 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron. That, as well as the incredible amount of outstanding work the Contracting Squadron does all year for all our tenants."

Evaluators used the AMC Logistics Standardization Evaluation Program checklists and evaluated applicable compliance areas through a detailed process of program review, process observation and personnel interviews. They evaluated the 6th LRS, 6th CONS, 6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 6th Maintenance Squadron and 6th Maintenance Operations Squadron.

"The rating didn't happen by chance but resulted from the combined efforts of all the logisticians in the 6th AMW," said Col. David Sowinski, 6th Maintenance Group commander.

"This significant accomplishment once again validates the superior performance of our wing, the 6th Mission Support Group and 6th Maintenance Group. It takes a lot of hard work, preparation, training and professionalism to meet the high compliance standards of Air Mobility Command."

Col. Barb Jacobi, 6th Mission Support Group commander, echoed those sentiments, saying that, since the wing reorganization took place in September, all commanders, superintendents, supervisors and squadron members have pulled together to make the 6th LRS and 6th CONS super members of the MSG team.

"We are the first MSG inspected under the LSET criteria and my observations are validated; our LRS and CONS have set the standard of excellence in Air Mobility Command," she said.

Sowinski said the wing not only met AMC standards, but exceeded them.

"I am very proud of every maintainer and loggie in the wing; not only proud of this accomplishment, but proud of the high standards they have set for the rest of the command," he said. "This evaluation once again recognizes our wing and its loggies as the best of the best."

When the inspection was complete, 16 best practices had been identified along with 19 outstanding performers. Outstanding performers from Logistics Readiness included Senior Master Sgt. Laurie Carroll, Tech. Sgts. Dale Buterbaugh, Chasity Erickson and William Dunphy, Staff Sgts. Linda Reeve and Shejunan Harrington, Senior Airman Zakiya Harris, Airmen 1st Class Christina Peckat and Ryan Thomas, Airman Felixsha Deveneaux and civilians Paul Sherman and Sherryl Flick.

From Aircraft Maintenance, outstanding performers were Master Sgt. Porter Strudwick, Tech. Sgt. Donald Bancroft, Staff Sgts. Greg Davis and Scott Mixon and Senior Airman Timothy McLendon. Two individuals were named outstanding performers from Contracting, Tech. Sgt. James Krempasky and civilian Robert Binkley.

According to Col. Ronald Crooks, LSEP team chief, the 6th AMW logistics functions operate in an overall outstanding manner. "The 6th AMW stood up to the challenge despite limited preparation opportunity from the time of publication of the revised LSEP checklists," he said. "In addition, they, along with the rest of the Air Force, adjusted to a newly revised and detailed Air Force Instruction 21-101."

Of the more than 3,000 items evaluated by LSET, only 19 received a noncompliance rating.

Crooks said the wing also prepared to receive the team in the midst of supporting the war effort, personnel shortages and deployed status of key leadership positions.

"It is evident the 6th AMW logistics operations personnel have a great deal of pride and professionalism, and it showed during the course of the evaluation," Crooks said.

Snyder summed up the visit and ratings by praising the entire 6th AMW team for its outstanding work.

"Now the rest of AMC knows it and will look to us for assistance," said Snyder. "We set the bar higher than ever. Well done!"




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