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Make your pledge for ‘MacDill Recycles Day’

by Eric Vichich
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

Nov. 15 is "MacDill Recycles Day," part of the national "America Recycles Day" devoted to increasing awareness about the natural and economic benefits of recycling. In anticipation of this event, MacDill is giving individuals the opportunity to "pledge" their commitment and interest in conserving our natural resources, recycling appropriate waste and purchasing products made with recycled materials.

The "Pledge to Recycle" is meant to represent an individual's intent to increase their level of participation in the base recycling program at home, at work, in the office and at school.

Base personnel will also have a chance to win prizes. A drawing will be held with all the submitted pledge cards to determine the winners.

Pledge card drop boxes will be located at the Base Exchange, Commissary, Post Office, Dining Facility, Fitness Center and Tinker Elementary. Pledge cards can also be mailed or dropped off to building 147, room 307. Electronic copies of the cards can be emailed to Eric.vichich.ctr@macdill.af.mil, For more information on America Recycles Day, visit http://americarecyclesday.org.

MacDill recycles cardboard, office paper, newspaper, mixed paper, aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, yard and wood waste, scrap metal, used oil, jet fuel, antifreeze, batteries, fluorescent lights, concrete material from construction and demolition debris.

Yard and wood waste, cardboard, fluorescent lights, batteries and scrap metal can be dropped off at the Transfer Station (828-8409) during normal business hours.

Aluminum, cardboard, mixed paper, and plastic can be recycled at three, centralized, recycling collection areas located in the middle of the Commissary and American Eatery/Pool parking lots and FamCamp, next to the laundry facilities.

Housing residents separate recyclables into two categories: mixed paper and other (including aluminum, plastic and glass). Yard waste can be bundled into four foot lengths for curbside pick-up on Wednesdays. MacDill Family Housing has four cardboard receptacles located at 753 Secord Ave., 788 Tinker St., 629 Bridges Pl. and 2003 Kayvee Ave.

Over the past few years, the base has been successful in achieving its goal of diverting 40 percent of all solid waste from entering landfills by reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible. These practices have saved the base approximately $1 million every year.

In addition, these efforts support a national recycling industry, decrease in air and water pollution, ease the demand to extract raw natural resources and much more. Remember, filling up that blue bin is only part of it; purchasing products made from recycled materials is just as important! Pledging to recycle will help our community, base and country to run in an efficient, productive and sustainable manner.

Amazing Recycling Facts:

*The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle could light a light bulb for four hours.

* Recycling aluminum takes five percent of the energy required to create new aluminum.

* One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees.

* In one year, recycling saves the U.S. the amount of energy used in 9 million homes.

* If the entire country matched MacDill's recycling efforts, it would be equivalent to removing 25 million cars from the road.



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