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Year-end closeout

by James S. Krempasky
6th Contracting Squadron

It's that time of the year again. As the final quarter of fiscal year 05 quickly approaches, the contracting squadron is diligently preparing for the year-end closeout, which occurs at midnight Sept. 30, 2005.

Proper planning and teamwork is essential to successfully obligate all wing funds and ensure all organizations receive the required supplies and services to meet our mission requirements.

Air Staff may offer, through the major commands, fallout funds to those units prepared to execute. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Benefiting from such funding requires preparation to accept or decline the offer, if and when it comes. This involves defining requirements as soon as possible and having them in the process ready for execution by the contracting squadron.

The importance of planning and identifying requirements early cannot be overemphasized. To assist you with your unit's closeout, the 6th Contracting Squadron, along with the 6th Comptroller Squadron, has a team prepared to help you get your money obligated and to get what you need at a fair and reasonable price.

You will want to coordinate your year-end requirements with the appropriate flight chief to ensure your requirement can be met before Sept. 30. Any requirement more than $100,000 should already be "in the works," unless it is a non-complex item that can be purchased using a GSA contract schedule.

All other requirements should be received no later than Sept. 15, which is the final cutoff date.

The appropriate flight chiefs and contracting officers are:

uSpecialized Flight:
Debra Parent, 828-4783
Doug Willard, 828-4731

Performance Management Flight:
Susan Jackson, 828-7454

Base Support Flight:
John Petersen, 828-4784
Helen Bond, 828-4027

Government Purchase Card:
Robert Binkley, 828-7031
Bill Neal, 828-7457

Mr. Krempasky is the closeout officer for the Contracting Squadron and will be available to assist you at 828-7482.



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