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TRICARE Plus sign ups discontinued

Effective April 1 the 6th Medical Group discontinued enrollment to the TRICARE Plus program. The TRICARE Plus program is an optional program that allows beneficiaries 65 years and older to be enrolled to a provider at the 6th MDG, providing they were assigned to a provider under the TRICARE Prime program at the time they turned 65. Due to increased enrollment of TRICARE Prime enrollees, the 6th MDG does not have the capacity at this time to continue to accept new enrollees.

What does this mean to current TRICARE Plus enrollees? There will be no change for those beneficiaries that are already enrolled to the TRICARE Plus program at the 6th MDG. The only beneficiaries affected by this program are those who are under 65 and were planning on utilizing the TRICARE Plus program. If a beneficiary is enrolled in the TRICARE Plus program and their spouse turns 65, the spouse is considered to be a new enrollee and thus will have to enroll to a civilian Medicare provider. The 6th MDG understands that many beneficiaries want to be enrolled to the same provider or same team as their spouse. Unfortunately due to capacity we are unable to accommodate those requests in most circumstances. However, the 6th MDG will be happy to help you find a provider in the civilian network that can accommodate the needs of you and your spouse.

How does medical care change once you turn 65, since the TRICARE Plus program is no longer open to new enrollees? As long as you subscribe to Medicare Part B, your primary care will still be covered by TRICARE For Life. You will have the opportunity to choose a civilian provider that accepts Medicare, instead of being assigned a provider at the 6th MDG. The choices of civilian providers in the Tampa Bay area are numerous and many are geographically convenient to the base. The civilian provider you or your spouse chooses must accept Medicare. If you have any questions about choosing a provider in the civilian community or about your healthcare benefits, please visit the local TRICARE Service Center, located adjacent to the 6th MDG. (Courtesy of the 6th MDG)



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