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Base Housing Update

The housing landscape at MacDill will be much brighter in the coming months as 76 new houses, including 52 designated for senior NCOs will be unveiled soon in the newest neighborhood, Liberty Cove, located south of McClelland. Up to now, the new construction has been focused on meeting our junior enlisted needs. The Liberty Cove project will deliver the first new senior enlisted houses so far and 24 additional Junior NCO enlisted houses. There will be 188 designated junior enlisted houses at the completion of the project.

Unfortunately, the base is still short of meeting the ever expanding housing needs and will continue to have a significant waiting list. There are currently 230 enlisted members waiting for a house and another 113 enlisted in older housing eligible to move to the newer houses. The housing office and 6th Mission Support Group are collecting the latest information on those families eligible for housing assignment so that they ensure the current information and the process goes smoothly. Families are encouraged to provide feedback to the housing office on contact information and other data which may effect housing eligibility status. If you have any questions contact housing office at 828-3166.



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