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MacDill to assess environment

by Jason Lichtenstein
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

A team of about 25 members from various base units will complete an Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program evaluation at MacDill Air Force Base May 2 to 6.

ECAMP is one of the programs used by the Air Force to evaluate how well the base is complying with the many federal, state, and local regulations and all of the Air Force and Department of Defense requirements for managing our environmental affairs.

From accurate inventory and storage of hazardous materials, recycling of used or discarded materials, to properly disposing of used and unused chemicals, environmental regulations affect each of us at MacDill AFB. The ECAMP evaluators will conduct facility visits that include interviews with facility managers, record reviews and site surveys to determine if we are following proper procedures and are complying with the environmental regulations.

After the assessment, positive and negative findings will be summarized in a report that is prepared for our wing commander and Air Mobility Command head quarters. Negative, or non-compliance findings, will require the responsible office to implement training or other changes to correct the non-compliance issue. Positive findings will be used to cross feed environmental management practices that can be implemented base-wide to improve our system.

The quality of our air, land, groundwater and surface water rely on our ability to comply with environmental regulations. By working every day to assure environmental compliance we will protect our natural resources and in turn, our base and its mission.



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