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Ed Hamill and the Dream Machine to thrill Air Fest crowds

Courtesy of www.edhamill.com

The Dream Machine is a factory-built, modified biplane that can reach a top speed of more than 210 mph. The wings and tail are fabric covered, just like the barnstormers of the 1920's, using modern Dacron fabric.


Ed Hamill has always dreamed of performing at air shows. At 16, he got his pilot's license and has been flying ever since. After watching an F-16 Fighting Falcon perform at an air show, Hamill decided to follow a dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

In 1989, one month after graduating from college, he was commissioned into the Air Force, entered pilot training in 1990 and earned his wings in 1991.

Hamill spent 10 years in the U.S. Air Force, accumulating more than 2,500 flying hours as an F-16 instructor pilot. He also accumulated more than 80 hours of combat time in Bosnia and Northern Iraq. After leaving active duty, Ed joined the Air Force Reserve and continues flying fighters and instructing future F-16 pilots.

Hamill now follows his dream of performing in air shows, flying F-16's in the Air Force Reserve, and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

In 1998 he began his aerobatic flying career. After competing in the 1999 and 2000 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships, Hamill made his mark in the world of competition aerobatics, placing second in the 1999 intermediate category. In 2002 he qualified for the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team.

Hamill's entertaining and exciting air show performance Living the Dream, tells a story about the last century of aerobatics. It includes low knife-edge passes, snap rolls, tumbles, the centrifuge, the double hammerhead, torque rolls and Hamill's signature maneuver, the Lucky Dog.

His ability to inspire goes well beyond his actual flying performance. Talking with children, sharing his experiences of flying and getting an education is what Hamill loves the most. Encouraging at least one boy or girl to set goals, work hard, and achieve them is what Hamill calls "Living the Dream."

Hamill performs in his Dream Machine, which is a 1998 factory-built biplane designed for aerobatic competition. This plane travels at speeds of more than 210 mph and can handle up to six positive and five negative G forces. It is propelled by a 260 horsepower power plant and has a three-blade, composite propeller. The wings are covered with a Dacron fabric. According to Hamill, flying the Dream Machine is pure stick and rudder. That, combined with Hamill's masterful flying, join together into a spectacular and inspiring performance which has been thrilling air show audiences since 1999.



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