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ECAMP inspection on the horizon for MacDill

by Jason Lichtenstein
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

MacDill will conduct this year's Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program assessment May 2 through 6.

An internal team of inspectors from MacDill will conduct the ECAMP assessment. The assessment team will visit the 6th Air Mobility Wing units, tenant facilities, and other areas on the base to evaluate environmental management issues and regulatory compliance.

The inspectors' job is to identify environmental issues that are not in compliance with regulations or acceptable management practices. The assessors use what is called an Enforcement Vulnerability Assessment to evaluate MacDill's environmental management system. The EVA is a summary of the environmental issues that federal, state and local regulatory agencies consider a priority for enforcement action.

To prepare for this year's ECAMP, MacDill's environmental flight recommends that each squadron and tenant unit compare their environmental compliance activities to the requirements of applicable Department of Defense or Air Force policies and instructions and environmental regulations. Review past year's findings to identify if there is a trend of non-compliance in certain areas, and make changes as necessary.

At the end of the ECAMP assessment, the team will brief base leadership. The briefing will describe the strengths of the base environmental management system and identify the areas that need improvement.

Individual "findings" written by the assessors during the assessment will be provided to MacDill in an ECAMP summary report that is issued shortly after the assessment. The areas of improvement discussed during briefing and each of the findings presented in the ECAMP report must be addressed to improve our management practices and prevent impacts to MacDill's mission.

ECAMP must be used as an opportunity to learn more about the environmental regulations that impact our operations and to make improvements.

Each individual must do his part to make environmental compliance a part of the daily routine and not just something that comes and goes once a year. Now is the time to make and implement appropriate changes and initiate education and training programs to ensure environmental issues remain part of the daily routine.

To find out how you can help maintain environmental stewardship at MacDill, contact Jason Lichtenstein at 828-2718 or e-mail Jason.lichtenstein@macdill.af.mil.




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