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ADC provides legal guidance for any Airman

by Staff Sgt. Tanisha Green
Area Defense Counsel

When Air Force members need confidential legal advice, they have the Area Defense Counsel to turn to for assistance. The ADC office is located in on the second floor in Hangar Four, Suite 3. The ADC office is there to provide military members with confidential legal advice regarding adverse actions taken against them by the Air Force.


Capt. Brandon Jones is the criminal defense attorney assigned to the Eastern Circuit Judiciary, Air Force Legal Services Agency. The Eastern Circuit is a judicial region that spans the Eastern portion of the continental United States. It is headquartered at Bolling AFB, Wash. AFLSA is a field operating agency also located at Bolling AFB. The ADC office at MacDill is a tenant unit geographically located on base.

This command structure is beneficial for two reasons. First, it means the ADC is not subject to the command structure of the 6th Air Mobility Wing, 18th Air Force or Air Mobility Command, this allows the ADC to represent clients without fear of reprisal. Second, it reassures clients that the ADC is independent of their own chain of command. The bottom line is that Air Force members can rest assured there is an independent attorney on their side.


Information a client discloses to the ADC or a Defense Paralegal is confidential. The ADC and DP cannot, and will not, disclose any client information to anyone, unless either the client has first given express written consent, or the information is intended for disclosure as part of the client's defense.

The ADC, with assistance from a defense paralegal, provides legal defense services to active duty Air Force members involved in disciplinary actions. Such actions include courts martial, non-judicial punishments under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, administrative discharges, and other administrative actions, such as letters of counseling, admonishments and reprimands. Furthermore, the ADC provides legal advice to military members who are likely to be adversely affected by referral enlisted performance reports, unfavorable information files, reports of survey, line of duty determinations, accident investigations and flying evaluation boards.

It can also provide you advice for individuals questioned by the Office of Special Investigations or the 6th Security Forces Squadron. If an individual is questioned by police investigators, he has the right to remain silent and talk to the ADC before answering any questions. He just needs to tell the investigators he wants to talk to the ADC. They should stop questioning him to allow him to seek advice from the ADC or a civilian attorney.


The ADC and DP are available to assist any Air Force member who has been accused, or even suspected, of committing a violation against the UCMJ.

For more information concerning the services the ADC provides, call 828-4455. For Army Area Defense Services, call Defense Switching Network number 870-4398, or 912-767-4398. For Navy Area Defense Services, call DSN 942-2565, ext. 3103, or 904-542-2565, ext. 3103. And finally, for Marine Area Defense Services call DSN 335-4241, or 843-228-4241.



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