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by Randy Ray
6th Civil Engineer Squadron

Hurricane season began June 1, so the time to start planning and making your arrangements is now. There are several items available through your unit's Full Spectrum Threat Response representative that can help prepare you and your family prepare for the season.

First, there are two movies available which cover preparations for your unit and home. Also, FSTR Plan 10-2, Annex B, covers required military preparations and response procedures. Next, each county in the area prepares their own hurricane guide and there is the FSTR Information Brochure both containing guidance on how to prepare yourself and family in the event of a hurricane. For more hurricane information, log on to http://www.floridadisaster.org and www.noaa.gov.

Take advantage of all the sources available when preparing for the upcoming hurricane season. Remember, planning in advance without the actual storm moving in is the key. Don't wait! Make your preparations today! A crossword puzzle has been developed to help get you in the mind set of making your preparations. The answers for the puzzle can be found in the Hillsborough County Hurricane Guide and the MacDill FSTR Information Brochure. As you are doing the puzzle, start thinking about your hurricane response plan.


2. Pet Survival Kit item
4. The ____ -A- Family program is used to match people who live in a flood zone with those who do not for hurricane evacuation
5. This hurricane was heading towards Tampa before turning east and hitting Port Charlotte
7. The name of the plan used by MacDill for hurricane preparations
10. Most hurricane related deaths are due to this
13. The "Safe" place you should evacuate to for a Category 5 hurricane
15. Color of Evacuation Category "A"
17. Hillsborough County's Emergency Management Director
19. Two weeks of these medicines in your Disaster Supplies Kit


1. 8.5 million people lost this last year due to hurricanes
3. Under Florida law, this type of order is mandatory when issued
6. Term used on MacDill for the time-phased approach for hurricane prep
8. Hurricanes can produce these
9. You will need this type of can opener
11. Hurricane season ends in this month
12. A way of disseminating hurricane and storm information to the public every 6 hours
14. For the 2005 season, the name given for the storm starting with the letter "O"
16. Making one of these is the #1 item on the 10 things to do now list
18. If you do not live in a flood prone area, consider being a Safe House ____.



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