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New MacDill DVD video released after years in production

Just in time to join the other summer Hollywood blockbusters, MacDill, the DVD, five years in the making, is making its debut.

Produced by Air University TV at Maxwell Air Force Base, the video is the culmination of a project that began under Brig. Gen. (ret.) William Hodges, said Shirley Smith, a readiness counselor at wing Family Services. Revisions, updates, re-edits and the like have kept the relocation video in the cutting room until this month, when at long last copies began rolling out.

"It's a done deal; finally," said Mrs. Smith. "It's been a long time in coming."

Designed to inform those moving to MacDill, the video is scheduled to appear on the AF Crossroads Web site within a week or so, said Mrs. Smith, where users with an account log-in will be able to view a streaming, Web compressed copy of the video.

The video is made up of clips provided by the 6th Air Mobility Wing video productions crew at MacDill and some shots by the Air University team. Through images of much of the base and the surrounding Tampa community, a professional voice-over takes those relocating to MacDill on a virtual tour of work, living and recreation opportunities that await them. Upbeat and informative, the video paints the Bay area and base as the world-class destination it is.

"I really like it," said Mrs. Smith, who recently screened the DVD. "It is well produced and informative."

Mrs. Smith said various units on base have been supplied with copies. Those sponsoring new Airmen at MacDill will find it a useful and important addition to sponsorship packages they put together.

"It is perfect for the packages because it has everything the new person needs to know to get a good overview of MacDill and the area where they are heading," said Mrs. Smith.

But even those who have been at MacDill for a while may want to check out this flick. She encourages those interested to keep an eye out on the net at http://www.afcrossroads.com.

Mrs. Smith said the video likely will not replace the orientation video provided during the Right Start briefings for those processing into MacDill. She said the video used in Right Start is more suited to describing details of the MacDill mission while this "relocation video" is a better primer for familiarizing new people with a general overview of amenities and the MacDill community as a place to live and work.



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