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SARC up and running at MacDill for victims of sexual assault

Just what is sexual assault and who is your 6th Air Mobility Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator?

Sexual assault is prevalent in today's society. The Department of Defense recently launched a new initiative that deals with sexual assault. The goal of this initiative is first to, educate our military members on the prevalence of sexual assault and how we are all called to be a Wingman to our fellow service member. Secondly, what can you do to have confidentiality if you have been sexually assaulted?

Sexual assault is a crime. It is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority when the victim does not or cannot consent. When someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they cannot consent. Sexual assault can happen to both males and females. If an active duty member has been sexually assaulted, call your base SARC at the numbers listed below. The SARC can offer you the choice of confidentiality and get you the necessary help if you are assaulted. You can receive also receive life skills counseling if you choose without triggering an investigation. The bottom line is that the SARC is there to help.

Interim 6th AMW SARC: Col. Maggie Stultz-Lalk
Alternate SARC: Lt. Col. Carol Larsen
Duty Phone: 827-9466
Cell Phone: 493-4796



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