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Competitors tackle challenging obstacle course

Tech. Sgt. Mark Corder, 6th Communications Squadron networks evaluations non-commissioned officer in charge, jumps one of three hurdles half-way through the obstacle course portion of the Military Fitness Challenge at MacDill May 13. He finished with a time of 1:03.93.

Photos by Airman Jose Climaco

A running grid with 12 squares tests the quickness of competitors on the second obstacle of the course.

Kristina West, Women’s Tri-Fitness, flips over a 15 foot cargo net before falling off onto a mat.

Sharon Rasponi, WTF, kicks a foot over the wall to help her climb up. This was the first obstacle competitors faced on the course.

Incline and decline monkey bars are no problem for Keith Pilawski, 6th Services Squadron sports director, who breezes through the course.

Finish times
Sherwin Severin 0:52.21
Josh Wargo 0:58.67
Paul Martin 0:59.26
Alex Ortiz 1:00.57
Troy Hardy 1:00.65
Clifton Taylor 1:02.53
Johnna Marchant 1:03.32
Bradley Prane 1:03.72
Mark Corder 1:03.93
Carl Dupre 1:06.93
Derek McGregor 1:07.01
Anthony Hutchinson 1:07.83
Mark Harrison 1:07.84
Jeff Strazzere 1:07.93
Kelvin Knight 1:09.20
Michael Norris 1:11.09
Titus Pea 1:12.39
Ronald Bartsch 1:12.72
Shawn Josi 1:14.04
Jeff Mong 1:14.19
Joe Harris 1:17.15
Jonathan Vest 1:21.83
Brandon Crilley 1:27.47
Paul Lauecht 1:40.19
David Barnhart 1:48.87
Denielle Hillard 1:50.99
Rachelle Johnson 1:51.78
Mark Westover 1:57.14
Denise Hicks 2:00.00
Ann Swanson 2:05.90



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