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Hurricane preparedness and the Adopt-A-Family Program information

Depending on where you live, you may be required to evacuate when a hurricane threatens the area. The Adopt-A-Family program is a vital part of how we protect our personnel and families. The program was established to provide protection to personnel in event they have to evacuate their homes due to a hurricane.

Remember two terms-"safe house" and a "safe haven."

Safe house is used to describe family evacuation locations within the Tampa Bay area (less than 100 miles from MacDill) for evacuation from a Category 1, 2 or 3 hurricane. Personnel who must evacuate (because they live in a flood/surge zone or in a mobile home) are matched with other personnel in their unit living outside evacuation zones and who volunteer to host evacuees in their home.

Sponsoring a safe house is done strictly on a voluntary basis. Evacuees become the guests of the host family and must remember to bring their own emergency supplies, to include food, clothing, bedding, medicines and special needs. If you are a potential "evacuee," you should know where your safe house is and discuss such subjects with your hosts as what to bring and whether pets are welcome.

In the case of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane, evacuation of the entire Tampa Bay area may be required. When this evacuation is declared, personnel may have to relocate well outside of the area, possibly even outside the state of Florida - maximum distance will be unit commander approved. This location will be your safe haven. You are responsible for planning this type of evacuation.

Commanders at all levels have an inherent responsibility to protect the personnel under their command. In the event of a hurricane, the Adopt-A-Family Program is a key aspect of this protection. Each unit manages its own program. You will be required to coordinate your evacuation plans with your unit point of contact.

If you have questions concerning the Adopt-A-Family Program, contact your unit's Full Spectrum Threat Response representative or the 6th Civil Engineer Readiness Flight. (Courtesy of 6th Civil Engineer Squadron)



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