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1A. North Boundary Road and Dale Mabry HWY Intersection: The reconstruction of this intersection will require partial lane closures between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

1B. Tanker Way Gate: This entrance is restricted to contractor labor ONLY for inbound traffic. Personnel with Government ID cards must use Dale Mabry, MacDill or Bayshore gates. All gates are unrestricted for outbound traffic.

2. Hillsborough Loop Drive from Florida Keys Avenue north is two-way traffic. Exercise caution while traveling this roadway.

3. Hangar Loop Drive from Pink Flamingo Avenue north to Gull Place is closed to traffic. The section from Pink Flamingo south to Florida Keys is now two-way.

4. Marina Bay Drive: This section of Marina Bay Drive is currently anticipated to be opened to traffic during mid-May.

5. Hangar Loop Drive: This section will NOT be closed until traffic flow has been restored for the currently closed section (Item 4 above).

6. Dale Mabry Gate Traffic: During peak hours (5:30 to 9 a.m.), Dale Mabry gate will be restricted only to inbound traffic. During peak periods, all outbound traffic will be rerouted to MacDill gate. During non-peak hours, Dale Mabry gate will be open to in bound and outbound traffic. Lanes on the east side of Dale Mabry will be open for traffic around the new traffic circle. Western lanes will be closed.

7. Bayshore Gate: Until further notice during morning peak hours, both lanes will be inbound. After 8:30 a.m. the inbound lane and the outbound lane will be restored to normal flow. Additional pavement construction may require short-term partial or full closure of lanes. Follow detour signs.

8. McClelland Ave: Road will close from Bayshore to the west entrance of Mobility Lane May 23 for the construction of pavement improvements.



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