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Soldiers have re-enlistment options with ARP

by Army Master Sgt. Richard R. Fendley
Command Career Counselor

Today, a Soldier is reenlisting in the Army for four more years. With his family at his side, he knows what he does today will affect himself, his family, his unit, and the Army.

For the Army and his unit gets to keep another great soldier to lead the younger soldiers coming in today's military. For himself and his family get the sense of pride and security that the Army brings with it. What led up to this important day in this Soldier's career? It started with this Soldier's dedication to stay with the winning team. The Army Team!

Keeping a good soldier in today's Army is the responsibility and duty of every leader. Leaders have all the tools they need at their disposal to take care of their Soldiers in peacetime and at war. One of the most important tools is the Army Retention Program. Soldiers are recognized as the most valuable resource an Army unit has. Keeping those soldiers in the military is challenging and this challenge is the main responsibility of the Army Retention Program.

Army Retention at MacDill is supported by the U.S. Central Command retention office located at the Army PSST, building 1045. It supports all MacDill Army units and their supporting units. The area of responsibility covers all Florida active units and CENTCOM's area of responsibility overseas.

Army leaders are the key to a successful ARP. Every unit has an established program that takes care of Soldier and Army needs. Within these units, the commanders appoint one of their outstanding non-commissioned officers as the re-enlistment NCO. His duty is to advise commanders on reenlistment issues that affect Soldiers.

The command career counselor is the manager for the Total Army Retention Program that supports MacDill's Army units. The career counselor serves as the chief advisor to all commander's and re-enlistment NCOs. When the time comes for a Soldier to decide what his future has in store, it is the career counselor that ensures the soldier gets the best option possible.

When a Soldier is 13 months from his or her term ending in the service, he or she has the opportunity to see what options will be offered in continuing his military career. The most important thing a soldier can do is to sit down and look at all options whether the soldier is re-enlisting or getting out of the service. This is where the ARP comes in.

The Army has several options that a Soldier may be qualified for. The Soldier may want another assignment within the Continental United States or overseas. The Soldier may be looking at changing his or her job skill or staying in their job skill and receiving a bonus. There are many things a Soldier can do during their military career. The career counselor will lay those options out for the Soldiers. For more information about Army re-enlistment, Soldiers can go to www.macdillreup.com or call 828-5312 or 966-8963.



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