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TRICARE policy change for enrollment of newborns

There has been a change in what was considered the "Deemed Enrolled" period for newborns. This change will be reflected in the TRICARE Policy Manual chapter 10, section 3.1, page 2, paragraph 2. You can view this policy as well as others by going to www.tricare.osd.mil or www.humana-military.com.

Under current TRICARE policy, newborns and adoptees are considered enrolled as Prime for the first 120 days from date of birth without completing an enrollment application form. Starting Jan. 1, the new policy states that newborns and adoptees will be considered "Deemed Enrolled" for 60 days from date of birth without completing an enrollment application for TRICARE Prime.

The personnel at the 6th Medical Group TRICARE Flight are here to help you understand the process and want to ensure you are aware of the change. Please make sure if you or any other eligible beneficiary you know of are expecting a child, that this information gets to them.

We pride ourselves in customer service to our beneficiaries and the more aware you are of changes in policy as they occur, the fewer problems you will have later on. The following tips will assist you with the change.

  • For the first 60 days newborns will be covered as TRICARE Prime which allows adequate time to receive the necessary documentation needed for registering them in DEERS. It also ensures priority access to military treatment facilities while the service member is getting the required documentation to establish eligibility in DEERS and to decide if they want to enroll their newborn in TRICARE Prime.
  • As soon as the DEERS eligibility is established (60 days) and if the parent wants to enroll their newborn in TRICARE Prime they must visit their local TRICARE Service Center and complete the necessary enrollment form. If the parents do not want their child to be enrolled in TRICARE Prime then the only thing required is the newborn must be registered in DEERS. There isn't any other paperwork to complete.
  • What parents need to remember is if they choose not to enroll their newborn in TRICARE Prime, access to the Military Treatment Facility is on a space available basis only. Priority is given to those in TRICARE Prime.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the TRICARE Service Center located in Building 710, adjacent to the hospital.




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