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MacDill's CFC funds could reach all-time high

by Staff Sgt. Robin Drake
Thunderbolt staff writer
photo by Staff Sgt. Robin Drake

Col. Maggie Woodward, 6th Air Mobility Wing commander (center) signs her Combined Federal Campaign donation along with all of MacDill’s group commanders. This year’s goal for MacDill is $325,000.

The 2005 MacDill Combined Federal Campaign kicked off Sept. 7 and runs until Oct. 19. The CFC is the only authorized, annual fund-raising drive conducted by federal employees. Capt. Shawn P. Dell from the 6th Communications Squadron is this year's wing coordinator.

"This year's campaign is going to be critical to continue the supported charities' good work," said Captain Dell. "With the great need that has arisen throughout the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Katrina, a large number of the CFC supported charities are going to be strained to meet the needs of all those affected. The need is over and above the normal operations of most of the charitable organizations the CFC supports, so I'm hopeful the MacDill community will consider that as their unit key worker comes to ask them to donate to a favorite charity.

The goal for this year is $325,000 for the base, and I believe that we can far exceed that goal, as I know this base's personnel are very community minded and giving."

The goal for all CFC campaigns is to contact and ask 100 percent of federal employees to contribute to a CFC charity. Additionally, Captain Dell is striving for a 50 percent participation rate for this season.

"Last year, we only had 28.6 percent of the base populace participate in the CFC," Captain Dell said, "I know we can do better. The average contribution last year was about $164 for those that contributed. If we have 50 percent of our base population contribute an average of only $100, we would exceed our goal by over $18,000!"

Nationally, the participation rate for federal employees is around 42 to 45 percent.

Even if an individual decided to only contribute $5 per month, the help for a needy person would be enormous.

"For the cost of only two cans of soda per week, a donor can help a child with disabilities receive vital physical therapy to help him or her learn to walk," Captain Dell went on to say. "That is a huge help for a very small contribution."

The minimum contribution by payroll deduction is $25 per year divided by the number of pay periods per year.

"When you are presented with the opportunity to fill out a contribution form, consider what you are able to donate and contribute what you can," Captain Dell said. "Don't let this opportunity pass by as this is the easiest and best way we can help our neighbors in need, whether it be locally here in the Tampa area, the hurricane ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast, or the world. There is a CFC supported charity that offers something for everyone. I thank you in advance for your support, and on behalf of all the world neighbors you will be helping, I thank you as well."



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