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Rodeo team ready to roll

Photo by Senior Airman Heather Miller

The reigning Air Mobility Rodeo champs from MacDill are prepared to depart for McChord Air Force Base, Wash., Saturday for Air Mobility Expeditionary Rodeo 2005.

This year's event will be the first one held since Rodeo 2000 at Pope AFB, N.C., after the competition went on a three-year hiatus following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

You can come wish the members of MacDill's 2005 Rodeo team good luck at today's farewell breakfast in Officers' Club at 7:30 a.m. The team will be competing at McChord from Sunday to June 24, and return to MacDill June 25.

The closing ceremony will be available for viewing via an Internet web cast courtesy of the 367th TRSS at Hill AFB with Windows Media Player. Watch the web cast from a computer at work by viewing the link at https://private.amc.af.mil/rodeo/ for closing ceremony video. The link will be active when the ceremony starts June 24. Those wishing to watch the web cast from home or from other non-government computers can follow the link at http://public.amc.af.mil/Rodeo/Rodeo.htm.



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