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Base housing rules for distribution change

by Staff Sgt. Randy Redman
Thunderbolt editor

Like the multi-colored squares of a Rubik's cube, the MacDill Housing office has rearranged the waiting list for personnel interested in moving into new homes.

"The reason is to try to give everyone a fair shake, whether they live off base or in the old housing on base," said Milissa Laven, Base Housing manager, adding that on-base residents have voiced concerns about being passed over when new homes are assigned.

The newest housing south of the Base Hospital is next to be doled out once it is completed this summer. Key personnel, such as squadron commanders and first sergeants, are first in line, followed by senior non-commissioned officers living in old base housing, with a minimum of one year's retainability. If that doesn't fill all 76 of those units, those next in line will be taken from the waiting list.

Rather than rank or duty title, priority is assigned by time, either time spent living in the old housing or time on the waiting list. All moves are voluntary so either way the member has the option to accept or pass on moving into a new unit. That way if an upcoming permanent change of station is on the horizon, the member isn't obligated to move.

"There are so many factors involved that the list is constantly changing and being updated," said Mrs. Laven. "All of the old housing is eventually coming down whether it's through (military construction) or privatization. It (assigning housing) will be so much easier when the construction is done and there is just a waiting list."

Anyone affected by this will be receiving a letter from the housing office offering further explanation. For those on the waiting list, the letter will also include a form to fill out regarding family composition, whether the family is expecting a new baby, orders to another installation or any changes that might affect their status on the waiting list.



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