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Retired Soldier has life-long love for running

by Senior Airman Robin Drake
Thunderbolt staff writer

Army Col. (ret.) Chuck Bombard shows off the plaque he received for logging more than 10,000 miles over the past 17 years.

Photo by Senior Airman Robin Drake

The thought of having to travel 10,000 miles may seem like an extremely long distance to many people. Now just imagine running that far.

Army Col. (ret.) Chuck Bombard has logged more than 10,000 miles running since 1988, and received a plaque from the Fitness Center for his achievements on Mar. 10.

"We wanted to recognize his achievements, even though retired from the military, he still maintains his fitness level," said Master Sgt. Katherine Munsey, Fitness Center program director.

He began physical training during the early 1980's and his motivational drive to get into shape was in preparation for the annual fitness test, said Colonel Bombard.

"I did push ups, sit ups and a two-mile run to start out, and then running just became a part of my life," said Colonel Bombard.

He accredits both his will power and motivation in his ability to continue with a fitness routine for so many years.

"Running can be painful," he added. "It's hard work but when you're finished you really feel like you've done something for your body, something that is good for your health."

Exercise keeps the heart healthy and a person's weight at a desirable level, said Colonel Bombard.

In addition to maintaining a healthy fitness level for physical reasons, it also benefited him in competition during numerous sporting events.

His participation in marathon runs include the New York City, the Paris Marathon and the Infantry Marathon.

During his time spent on active duty status he scored 100 percent on 16 out of 20 annual fitness tests, said Colonel Bombard.

"Running helped me set the standard for the people I was responsible for, a lot of people would try to emulate that," said Colonel Bombard.

Regardless of an individual's initial physical capabilities, if motivated, anyone can achieve his goals.




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