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Action Line

Q: I recently noticed a $75 preauthorization charge at AAFES gas pumps that the customer is not told about. What is the reason for this and why is there no notification at the pumps?

A: On July 26 and July 28 a computer problem caused customers using their debit card at the base gas station to have a $75 hold placed on their account until the debit was taken at the bank.

Once the debit processed at the bank, the actual amount paid for the gasoline was debited from their account and the $75 hold was removed.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused customers at our AAFES Shopette. The good news is this was an isolated computer glitch which was quickly corrected upon discovery.

-Col. Margaret H. Woodward
6th Air Mobility Wing

The Action Line provides two-way communication between the commander, 6th Air Mobility Wing, and the MacDill community. A 24-hour recording service is provided so all personnel may submit questions, concerns or comments. Call the Action Line at 828-INFO (4636).



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