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MacDill's TOL ranks first in customer service

by Airman Jose Climaco
Thunderbolt staff writer

MacDill's TRICARE Online was ranked number one in customer service in Air Mobility Command by the Air Force Delivery Assessment and ranked second in appointments made among 256 Department of Defense medical treatment facilities.

Customer service satisfaction here is more than 95 percent with a 36 percent enrollment increase, according to the Air Force Delivery Assessment. A total of 2,653 appointments were booked online in seven months of service. Those achievements lead to a 2004 Commander in Charge Installation Excellence Award.

Beneficiaries here have been taking advantage of TOL because it's convenient. They no longer have to wait on the phone to make appointments when booking online is just a few clicks away.

Mr. Dan Moad, a TOL beneficiary, said he booked several appointments using TOL and will continue do so because of it's efficiency. He experienced problems on the phone in the past. For instance, he said some appointments weren't available by phone, but were available using TOL.

"It's (TOL) so much faster and easier," added Mr. Moad, when comparing the two options available.

The TRICARE team here benefits from beneficiaries using TOL. Telephone clerks experience less strain and receive fewer complaints, said Staff Sgt. Joseph Ross, 6th Medical Support Squadron, noncommissioned officer in charge of TRICARE.

"It makes me happy because patients are happy," Sergeant Ross added.

MacDill's TRICARE team will continue to provide world-class service to its beneficiaries and encourage them to make appointments online for efficient service.

To book appointments online, go to www.tricareonline.com




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