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Uniform board meets this month

by Staff Sgt. Julie Weckerlein
Air Force Print News

WASHINGTON -- The Air Force Uniform Board meets here today to consider Air Force uniform improvements and standardization.

The board will address various uniform requirements, including the Airman's new battle dress uniform, and Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

The major commands have gathered and submitted their recommendations to the board for review.

The board will take a close look at the Air Force physical training uniform and determine its requirements, said Senior Master Sgt. Dana Athnos, Air Force Uniform Board chief. She said the board is aware that clarification on the uniform has been an issue, and it will be a top priority for the board.

In addition, a women's uniform focus group met at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, to discuss standardization of the women's uniform items.

"We pulsed the field for inputs from about 700 female commanders and first sergeants," Sergeant Athnos said. "The focus group whittled down the suggestions and they came up with about 30 recommendations to present to the board, ranging from footwear to accessories."

The board last met in June 2003, and determined cell phone use and scarves.

The Air Force will release the results from the October board within a few weeks of the meeting.



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