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Top performers from IGX 0404-A, Thank you for a job well done!

Air Mobility Command Inspector General Inspection Exceptional Performer:
1st Lt. Erin Dorrance, 6th AMW

Air Mobility Command Inspector General Exercise top performers:
Lt. Col. Jon Banks, 6th AMW/ Plans
Lt. Col. Bobby Fowler, 6th Operations Group
Lt. Col. Phil Greco, 6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Lt. Col. Andy Ulrich, 6th Air Mobility Wing
Maj. Dave Cresswell, 6th AMW
Maj. Gibb Gary, 91st Aerial Refueling Squadron
Capt. Heather Barth, 91st ARS
1st Lt. Erick Turasz, 91st ARS
Senior Master Sgt. Cotious Arnold, 6th Security Forces Squadron
Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Johnson, 6th AMXS
Master Sgt. Leland Carlton, 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Master Sgt. Joe Healey 6th AMW Plans
Master Sgt. Thomas Hennessey, 6th AMXS
Master Sgt. Stephen Jacobs, 6th AMXS
Master Sgt. Joseph Maltese, 6th AMXS
Master Sgt. Ken Walters, 91st ARS
Tech. Sgt. Leland Carlton, 6th AMW
Tech Sgt. Thomas Florez, 6th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Grubbs, 6th LRS
Staff Sgt. Richard Hedgepeth, 6th Maintenance Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Karpenko, 6th LRS
Staff Sgt. Yvonne Martino, 6th MXS
Staff Sgt. Allan Pelletier, 91st ARS
Staff Sgt. Samuel Waldo, 6th AMXS
Senior Amn. Brandy Coyle, 91st ARS
Senior Amn. Raymond Gonzales, 6th MXS
Senior Amn. Diego Rico, 6th MXS
Airman 1st Class Jason Foltz, 6th AMXS
Airman 1st Class Thomas Gough, 6th MXS
Airman 1st Class David Ward, 6th AMXS
Larry Clark, 6th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kevin Ford, 6th CES
Willie Gibbs, 6th CES
Tim Holder, 6th CES
Randy Ray, 6th CES

Top performers during Hurricane Charley

6th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kurt Anderson
Larry Clark
Willie Gibbs
Jarret Jenkins
D.J. Kochaniec
Scott Kraut
Lou Marconi
Clabon Smith
Bill Stromberg

6th Contracting Squadron
Capt. James Batchelor
Tech. Sgt. Barry Snyder
Tech. Sgt. Ric Sochor

6th Communications Squadron
Master Sgt. Richard Konkle
Master Sgt. Steven McCue
Tech. Sgt. Todd Ellis
Tech. Sgt. Brian Mann
Staff Sgt. Eric Fritz
Staff Sgt. Ryan Miller
Staff Sgt. David Rivera
Senior Airman Sean Walko
Senior Airman Marcus Waller

6th Logistics Readiness Squadron
1st Lt. Christopher Burgess
2nd Lt. Sisco Ortiz
Tech. Sgt. Victor Alvira
Tech. Sgt. Scott Artz
Tech. Sgt. Joseph Patram
Staff Sgt. Patrick Balmer
Staff Sgt. Clay Collins
Staff Sgt. Michael Gralewski
Staff Sgt. Edward Johnson
Staff Sgt. Michael Kinner
Staff Sgt. Larry LaCour
Staff Sgt. Brian Logan
Staff Sgt. Timothy Rischak
Staff Sgt. Roy Romero
Staff Sgt. Daniel Santana
Staff Sgt. Sean Schuster
Staff Sgt. Tamekia Woods
Senior Airman Travis Cecil
Senior Airman Brian Hill
Senior Airman Jules Lane
Senior Airman Travis Porter
Airman 1st Class Jagdevjit Bal
Airman 1st Class Anthony Bolden
Airman 1st Class Harry Corkill
Airman 1st Class Phillip Hodges
Airman 1st Class Samuel Reese
Airman 1st Class Ariel Simmons
Airman 1st Class Jared Wiese
John Tucker
Cliff Whitehead

6th Mission Support Squadron
1st Lt. Amy Coleman

6th Security Forces Squadron
1st Lt. Brian Copper
1st Lt. Randy Larson
2d Lt. Richard Ziegler
Senior Master Sgt. Scott Haske
Senior Master Sgt. Steven Mootz
Master Sgt. Timothy Blake
Tech. Sgt. Jamie Blackburn
Tech. Sgt. Donald Clark
Tech. Sgt. Timothy Flick
Tech. Sgt. Efrain Roman
Staff Sgt. Joseph Killian
Staff Sgt. Shawn Steele

6th Services Squadron
Master Sgt. William Pugh
Master Sgt. Jose Romero

6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. Robert Beals
Master Sgt. Steven Browning
Master Sgt. Steven Witschen
Tech. Sgt. Jason Harris
Tech. Sgt. Ron Smith
Staff Sgt. Mark Bordwine
Staff Sgt. George Perry
Staff Sgt. John Stramiello
Senior Airman Gorge Lopez
Senior Airman Victor Romain
Senior Airman David Schrey
Airman 1st Class Steven Hunt
Airman 1st Class Matthew Jarriel
Airman 1st Class Joshua Lyons
Airman 1st Class Joseph Pastrovich
Airman 1st Class Daniel Sutherland
Airman 1st Class Joseph Tuiolosega-Radicchi

6th Maintenance Squadron
Capt. John Murray
2nd Lt. Randall Harvey
Senior Master Sgt. Thomas Hincman
Master Sgt. Scott Van Kleeck
Master Sgt. Raymon Washington
Staff Sgt. Dewey Clawson
Staff Sgt. Donald Mahaney
Senior Airman Daniel Mathis
Airman 1st Class William Rios
Airman 1st Class Victor Romain

6th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Master Sgt. Christopher Tubbs
Tech. Sgt. Casey Buxton
Staff Sgt. Eric Clunn
Staff Sgt. Christopher Hart
Staff Sgt. Robert Jammison
Staff Sgt. Maaliq Love
Staff Sgt. Chad Lucente
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Wilson
Senior Airman Scott Albee
Senior Airman Ron Campbell
Senior Airman Brandyshay Culbert
Airman 1st Class Michael Daley
Airman 1st Class Charles Gibbs
Allen McCloud

6th Medical Support Squadron
Master Sgt. Patrick Leroux
Master Sgt. Timothy McConnaughey
Tech. Sgt. Donna Crane
Al Martin
Steve Sutton
Larry Thompson
Jenna Williams
6th Operations Group
Maj. Mark Kraby
Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley
Master Sgt. Jerry Williams

6th Operations Support Squadron
Master Sgt. Wes Mathias

91st Air Refueling Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Randy Bishop
Tech. Sgt. Tom Morrison
Staff Sgt. Staci Harden

310th Airlift Squadron
Lt. Col. Pete Martin
Maj. Andy Smith

6th Air Mobility Wing
Lt. Col. Diane Behler
Maj. David Cresswell
Capt. Danny Cooper
Capt. Glenn Kerr
Master Sgt. Gina Carnesecchi
Master Sgt. Adam Watts
Tech. Sgt. Patrick Cleland
Tech. Sgt. William Duchanse
Tech. Sgt. Victoria Henderson
Tech. Sgt. Danny Galloway
Tech. Sgt. Chris White
Tech. Sgt. Teffany Williams
Staff Sgt. Steven Brew
Staff Sgt. Roberto George
Staff Sgt. Christel Lugo
Senior Airman Jarvous Blake
Airman 1st Class Doug Carlson
Airman 1st Class Juan Feliciano

6th Comptroller Squadron
1st Lt. David Adams
2nd Lt. Carol Carver
Senior Master Sgt. Traci Siolka
Staff Sgt. Cliff Ancrum

Base Chapel
Chap. (Capt.) Richard Holmes
Chap. (Capt.) Paul Sutter
Chap. (Capt.) James Taylor




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