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Action Line

Q: Can I be ticketed for not dimming my daytime running lights when coming through the gate?

A: Thank you for your question concerning the policy on daytime running lights at the gate. You will not be ticketed for the fact that your vehicle has daytime running lights. Our 6th Security Forces Squadron personnel understand that drivers do not have the option to turn them off when the car is running.

The rationale behind the request for drivers to turn off headlights when passing through the gate area stems from the fact that during periods of low visibility, the headlights shine into the eyes of our 6th SFS members and temporarily compromises their vision acuity. The glare from the lights also makes it difficult for the 6th SFS members to visually identify drivers coming onto this installation.

Again, thank you for question, and as always, please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in the future!

Col. Margaret H. Woodward
6th Air Mobility Wing



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