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6th CPTS - constantly improving service for all customers

by 2nd Lt. Larry van der Oord
Chief of Internal Information

The service counter in the 6th Comptroller Squadron is always a busy place. 6th CPTS Airmen aim to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to assisting their many customers.

Courtesy photo

Providing fast, friendly service has always been a main objective for the men and women of the 6th Comptroller Squadron, and with the implementation of some new customer service enhancements, the 6th CPTS is once again addressing the needs and concerns of their patrons.

The customer service section recently added an automated telephone answering system and financial pre-deployment briefings to the list of the services they already provide. Both programs are aimed at improving the service level for all customers.

The previous telephone system only allowed two technicians to answer the phone at once, often leaving customers unsatisfied and frustrated. If no one was able to get to a call, the voicemail picked up, gave information, but did not give customers the option to leave a message.

The new system, instituted April 15, utilizes a subject selection menu that allows everyone, including the section chief and flight commander, to answer phone calls.

Customers can now select the option that deals with the subject they are calling about, and if no one answers they can leave a voicemail message. The phone number for this system is 828-5377.

The 6th CPTS also held financial pre-deployment briefings April 20 and 27 to prepare members for the current AEF rotation.

Without the briefings, personnel getting ready to deploy were previously on their own to stop by finance to get information and have their out-processing checklists signed off. This was often difficult for many Airmen due to the hustle and bustle of preparing for a deployment.

The briefings pulled everyone together at one time and gave personnel the opportunity to ask questions in an open forum. More than 85 people attended, and discussion topics included combat zone entitlements, advances, accruals, final settlement vouchers, MyPay and financial powers of attorney. Comprehensive information packages were handed out and are still available at the finance office anytime via email, fax or in person.

Another recent effort by the 6th CPTS to make things easier for customers was the installation of AirForce OneStop Kiosks around base. The kiosks are touch-screen terminals that allow users to access a number of base services' Websites, such as financial, personnel and health, without having to go to the customer service counters. The kiosks were installed Feb. 3, and there are currently three on base. They are located in the finance office (bldg. 149), the Fitness Center lobby and the main lobby of the Base Hospital (across from the pharmacy.)

"We service the best and most diverse customers in DoD, and we leap at every chance to bolster the services we provide," said 1st Lt. Larry Buycks, Financial Services flight commander. "Providing agile support for the 6th AMW, U.S. CENTCOM, U.S. SOCOM and 51 other mission partners is an intricate yet rewarding job that requires constant innovation."



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